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At Glengarry Primary School, we are empowered learners and respectful community members who embrace challenge and celebrate growth

Student Transitions

There are many transitions for primary aged students, the transition from kindergarten to school, from primary school to Year 7, from one year to the next or from one primary school to another. Strong transitions at each of these levels enables students to be prepared for success.

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Primary School

We have a strong and productive working relationship with the Glengarry Kindergarten. Our Grade 5 students (next year’s Prep buddies) prepare two activities for all Glengarry Kindergarten Students in Terms 2 or 3, one of which will include a visit to our school. In Term 4, we have an extensive transition program than involves 5 visits, increasing in duration, culminating in the State-wide Transition Day in December each year. This transition program will leave your child comfortable with their peers and school environment ready for a successful start to their school year. We are also able to offer additional personalised transition programs for individual students on a needs basis.

Transitioning from Primary School to Year 7

Students at Glengarry Primary School attend a range of secondary education settings. We have strong partnerships with our local colleges and work with each to ensure our students are prepared for this journey. Our senior teachers are highly trained in supporting students to make a successful transition.

Transitioning to a different Year Level

Information about your child as a learner and their unique abilities is passed from one year to the next ensuring continuity to their learning. We also offer traditional parent teacher interviews in Term 1 where you can ‘Meet the Teacher’ and share additional information regarding your child.

Transitioning from a different primary school

Due to a range of reasons, students transition into different primary school settings throughout the year. All primary schools in the Latrobe Valley follow the same protocols when students are transferring from another school setting during the school year. Two key aspects of this approach include, referring the family back to the school to resolve any potential issues and a direct conversation with the Principal of the other school to discuss the context. If it is appropriate, enrolment of the child at Glengarry Primary School will involve a student induction, a meeting with the Principal, and within three days they will undertake important student assessments.