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School Council

At Glengarry Primary School, we are empowered learners and respectful community members who embrace challenge and celebrate growth

At Glengarry Primary School, our School Council is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and community involvement. Comprised of dedicated educators and engaged parents, the School Council plays a vital role in shaping the direction and operation of our school.

The primary function of our School Council is to ensure the effective management and ongoing improvement of our school. This includes making decisions on important matters such as budget allocation, facility maintenance, and strategic planning initiatives.

Sub Committees

Each year, our School Council members are elected, following the inclusive governance model mandated by the Victorian Government for government schools. This model emphasizes the importance of collaboration between educators and parents in guiding educational policies and practices.

We encourage all parents to consider nominating themselves for School Council positions, as their perspectives and involvement are essential in representing the diverse needs of our school community.

Active participation in the School Council provides parents with a platform to contribute their insights, experiences, and ideas. By engaging in discussions and decision-making processes, parents can directly influence the educational experience of their children and contribute to the collective governance of our school.

Furthermore, serving on the School Council offers parents a deeper understanding of the policies and practices that shape Glengarry Primary School. It allows them to play a meaningful role in setting the school’s vision, goals, and priorities, ensuring alignment with the values and aspirations of our community.

Our School Council convenes twice per term, providing a forum for open communication, collaboration, and decision-making. These meetings serve as an opportunity for all members to actively engage in the ongoing development and enhancement of our school.

We greatly value the contributions of our School Council members and acknowledge their dedication to the advancement of our school community. Together, we strive to create a supportive and enriching learning environment where every child can thrive and succeed.

The School Council is supported by the following sub-committees:

Our 2024 School Council Members

Parent Representation


Belinda Gathercole

Vice President

Harry Dawson


Ben Richardson

Parent Representation

Kylie Imlach

Sharon Blizzard

Travis Bland

Rebecca MacManus

Staff Representation


Bri Simpson


Eudora Walker

Kate Crow