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At Glengarry Primary School, we are empowered learners and respectful community members who embrace challenge and celebrate growth

At Glengarry Primary School, our aim is to equip students with the skills to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems effectively.

Recognising the importance of connecting numeracy learning to practical applications, we provide opportunities for students to engage with a variety of learning materials. Through hands-on exploration and manipulation of these materials, students deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts across all year levels. Our approach encourages open-ended investigations and fosters fluency through practice activities.

As educators, we understand that both students and teachers learn best when curiosity is encouraged, risks are taken, and learning experiences are scaffolded. We prioritise explicit instruction and provide supportive environments for exploration and growth.

We are committed to fostering a culture of accountability and ownership of learning among our students. By utilising data from pre and post testing, as well as the Victorian Curriculum, we tailor our teaching to meet individual student needs and monitor their progress. Collaboration among teachers is key, as we share insights, plan collaboratively, and celebrate successes together.

At Glengarry Primary School, we empower students to take an active role in their learning journey. Through collaboration, inquiry, risk-taking, and curiosity, students are encouraged to direct their own learning experiences.

Our overarching goal is to improve educational outcomes and instil a love for numeracy in our students. We believe that everyone has the potential to excel in mathematics, regardless of where they are on their mathematical journey.