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Our Kitchen Garden program is a great way for students to become involved in outdoor activities such as planting and harvesting foods. We are very excited and proud of the produce that we grow at Glengarry Primary School, and often use our own vegetables in our cooking classes. This helps to develop understanding of food cycles and to process of “paddock to plate”. Students find this program exciting and engaging and it is one of the many things that makes our school unique and special. Each year we hold a school ‘Master Chef’ program where senior students plan and prepare a recipe of their choice for judging. Students are encouraged to use the skills they have developed over the course of the year to create their masterpieces. We are blown away and very proud of what our students produce during the competition, and they show skills well beyond their years. It is great to see students be able to cook both sweet and savoury dishes and it is very rewarding for us to see the progress they have made.


CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) lessons involve learning tasks where students are learning about a new concept or skill in another language, in our case; Indonesian. Students participate in integrated Art/Indonesian classes where they are required to make links, persevere, make meaning and apply previous knowledge to develop their language skills. During art sessions students explore art techniques and processes, where creativity and innovation is valued. In 2018, we conducted our first community art show where each student produced a piece of artwork to put in the show for parents and the school community to see. We were very pleased with the turn out this year and hope make this a biannual event.


At GPS we offer specialized one on one guitar and keyboard lessons. If you have any questions regarding our music lessons, please contact the office.


Our Physical Education program focuses on the acquisition and refinement of a broad range of movement skills and sports. There are opportunities for students to participate in district sports including athletics and team sports. A comprehensive swimming program and surf safety program is offered across the school. Students develop skills and dispositions necessary for lifelong participation in physical activities.


The arts program includes weekly visual arts lessons following the Victorian curriculum guidelines and involves the integration of Indonesian as our language. Performing arts take priority within a two year cycle, culminating in a school concert or theatrical production.


Students in our Grades 3 – 6 partake in a comprehensive camping program. Parents will be notified well in advance of the dates and costs. Every effort is made to keep the costs down to a minimum to ensure all children can take part. CSEF money can be utilised towards the cost of the camp.


Throughout the year all students have opportunities to attend special programs in the form of excursions. Costs are kept to a minimum and the number of these special programs is restricted.

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