There are many different ways that we communicate with our families and school community at Glengarry Primary School. Each of our different communication methods are listed below, with a brief explanation as to the purpose and frequency of each.

School Newsletters

A school publication is produced each Wednesday and made available to parents through Compass. A hard copy can also be collected from the school office. These publications will be produced on a regular cycle each Wednesday.

  • Principal’s Message – an avenue to keep you informed and updated on our school improvement efforts and strategic direction.
  • Student Newsletter – a student produced publication that details the events, happenings and celebration of student progress at Glengarry Primary School.
  • Calendar of Events – a calendar of events for the month and year ahead. A great document to print and put on the fridge.

Our official Facebook Page

Our official Facebook page is used by all staff members to provide reminders, update you about events and share the successes and challenges in the classroom.

Community groups are welcome to advertise events through our Facebook page and via Compass. Please email submissions to

Compass Learning Previews

Families will receive through Compass, each Friday a weekly ‘Learning Preview.’ The purpose of the Learning Preview is to communicate with families important information, news, events and most importantly prepare students for learning at school. The learning preview is designed for students and families to prepare for future learning by exploring topics, key understandings, knowledge, skills and attitudes. This may take the form of a family discussion or briefly researching a topic. Tasks assigned in the weekly learning preview will build on concepts explored in the classroom and encourage students to use their initiative by gathering additional information or materials. It allows parents to support learning effectively and motivates students by involving them in researching at home, allowing students to get a head start in their learning.

Research shows that previewing learning can advance learners’ achievement by more than 9 months and improves the rate of learning by more than 50% as opposed to traditional homework which generally takes the form of worksheets and skill and drill practice.

GPS Reporting Overview

Our school’s motto, ‘Partners in Success,’ is the philosophy that drives the rationale behind our approach to student reporting. Positive relationships are the key at Glengarry Primary School. It is important that these positive relationships exist between students, between the teachers and students and between the school and parents. Strong communication and the ability to work alongside each other are also vital in ensuring that the partnerships that exist between families and the school are positive and meaningful. This philosophy and empowering students to take ownership and responsibility for their learning forms the basis of reporting on student achievement at Glengarry Primary School.

We also aim to ensure that we are continually assessing and providing students and their families with real time updates on their progress. Our school’s approach to reporting and communicating student progress can be view in the document below.

GPS Reporting Overview 2020 Parent Copy


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