Please find below an up to date list of our local school policies and procedures. For all other policies, we use the School Policy and Advisory Guide. The School Policy and Advisory Guide provides Victorian government schools with quick and easy access to governance and operational policies and advice. It complements the Department’s extensive web resources and directs users to relevant web content and supplementary information. The guide’s information comes from a range of legislative and regulatory requirements, primarily the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007. Where appropriate a specific web page will identify its related legislation or regulation. The guide’s content is subject to ongoing change and users are encouraged to regularly visit this website for the latest information.


DET Privacy Policy – available via this link:  https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Pages/schoolsprivacypolicy.aspx

DET Privacy Collection Statement Primary School

DET Parent Payment Policy

DET Parent Payment Guidance


Placement Policy

School Based Policies

GPS Anaphylaxis Policy 2019

GPS Attendance Policy 2019

GPS Camps and Excursions Policy 2019

GPS Child Safe Policy

GPS Child Safety Code of Conduct (Child Safe Standard 3) Policy

GPS Child Safety Empowerement of Children (Child Safety Standard 7) Policy (1)

GPS Child Safety Environments (Child Safe Standard 2) Policy

GPS Child Safety Mandatory Reporting (Child Safety Standard 5) Policy

GPS Child Safety Staff Selection (Child Safe Standard 4) Policy

GPS Child Safety Team (Child Safe Standard 1) Policy

GPS Class Placement Policy 2019

GPS Duty of Care Policy 2019

GPS Home Learning (Homework) Policy 2019

GPS ICT Acceptable Use Policy Student 2019

GPS Mobile Phones and Personal Mobile Devices Policy 2019

GPS Parent Concerns Complaints Policy 2019

GPS Parent Payment Policy 2019

GPS Reporting and Responding to Allegations of Child Abuse Document (Child Safe Standard 5)

GPS Student Dress Code Policy 2019

GPS Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy 2019

GPS SunSmart Policy 2019

GPS Yard Duty and Supervision Policy 2019

GPS 2021 Student Booklists


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