Lunch Orders & Tuck Shop

At Glengarry we support a healthy eating policy for students and therefore encourage parents to provide a healthy lunch and snack for their children.


Snack time is at 11.00am after two full hours of work, so please make sure that your child has a substantial snack to eat. For prep children this morning recess snack is particularly important, as they need the sustenance to perform at their best for the period to lunchtime.

Some suggestions are-

  • Muffins, muesli bars, carrot and celery sticks, fruit, nuts, sandwich, cheese, water to drink, juice to drink.
  • Rollups, lollies, chocolates, soft drink etc are discouraged. Cans of drink are not allowed.



Children eat lunch in their classroom form 1.30-1.40pm each day. This is a good opportunity to ensure they are sitting down to eat and that they get a chance to eat their lunch. Below is a suggested lunch. We encourage children to take home unfinished lunch as it is a good gauge for you. Please note glass containers are not permitted.

Suggested Lunch: One round of sandwiches, a cheese stick, small snack and a piece of fruit is usually sufficient. If the lunch is taken in a container, name and grade should be written on the outside of the lid and box. We encourage children to bring a plastic bottle of water or juice. Avoid inclusion of foods with high sugar content, eg, sweets; include another piece of fruit or small snack for the child to eat during morning recess. Please wrap these separately.

Most classes enjoy Munch & Crunch at a time convenient to the classroom program; this is extra pieces of fruit or vegetables to be eaten during a story or show and share.


Please do not deliver takeaway food to school.


Lunch time routine for Preps: They will eat earlier than the other children, so they practise the routine.



Each Wednesday children hand in their orders via their classroom teacher. Parents write the lunch order from a menu onto an envelope or paper bag and enclose money with the order. Please make sure your child’s name and grade are clearly written on the outside.  On Thursday the lunch orders are delivered to the school by 1.30pm ready for the children’s lunchtime.


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