Extra Curricular

Other programs offered include Life Education, Religious Education, visiting Arts Council Performances, Sporting Clinics (e.g. Auskick), Inter School Sports, Swimming and Camping Program for Years 3 – 6. Many of these programs are conducted with the assistance of parents.
The camping program is as follows:

  • Grade 2 – “What’s Camp All About?” one day at the 3/4 camp venue and sleepover at school.
  • Grade 3/4 – 2 nights. Usually a local adventure camp, such as


  • Grade 5/6- 2-3 nights. Alternates between Sovereign Hill Ballarat & a Melbourne Stay.

We combined with Traralgon South & Gormandale to keep costs to a minimum.


The education program at Glengarry Primary School is comprehensive and very special. Learning occurs through doing, experiencing different environments and interacting with others. Therefore excursions and incursions form a part of the curriculum for as little cost as possible.



Subject to availability of instructors, RE will be available to grades one and two. This is currently provided by Christian Religious Education and is mainly about promoting values of respect and tolerance. A permission form is required if parents wish their child to attend.

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