Student Code of Conduct

The code of conduct for students at Glengarry Primary School has been formulated within, and is consistent with, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) guidelines and regulations. It also acknowledges the wide range of policies relating to student management and support.



Glengarry Primary School’s Student Code of Conduct is guided by the following principles:


  • All children have the right to be safe
  • All children have the right to be treated with respect
  • All children have the right to work and play in a secure environment without interference, intimidations, harassment, bullying or disruption
  • All children are encouraged to be polite, courteous and well-mannered
  • Parents have a right to expect that their child will be educated in a secure environment where care, courtesy and respect for others are encouraged
  • Parents have an obligation to support the school in its efforts to maintain a productive learning and teaching environment
  • Teachers should expect to be able to teach in an atmosphere of order and cooperation
  • The principal and staff will fairly, reasonably and consistently implement the Student Code of Conduct.



There are five basic school rules:


  • Move and play safely
  • Care for yourself, others and property
  • Resolve problems calmly, sensibly and fairly
  • Respect others through your speech and manners
  • Work to the best of your ability and allow others to do the same



A set of rights and responsibilities outlining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour is necessary in order for a school to meet its educational and social goals.


Students have the following rights: Students have the following responsibilities:
The right to feel safe at school To learn and follow the school rules
The right to learn without interference from others To attend class prepared to learn and not interfere with the learning of others
The right to be treated with respect and in a fair and equitable manner free from harassment To treat others with respect and resolve differences through discussion and compromise not conflict
The right to expect your property to be safe You have the responsibility to take care of your own and other people’s property


The staff of Glengarry Primary School is committed to the following strategies:


  • Giving positive reinforcement.
  • Improving self-concepts
  • Encouraging friendships
  • Developing pride in the school
  • Developing respect and acknowledging differences
  • Encouraging sharing, tolerance and compassion amongst children
  • Enhancing and encouraging parent teacher contact
  • Being actively involved with children
  • Making a special effort to observe, assist and involve children with problems
  • Being consistent and fair in applying logical consequences
  • Providing a gender inclusive environment
  • Encouraging awareness and understanding of school rules
  • Creating classroom programs that are challenging and suitable to the needs of the children
  • Counselling students where needed
  • Engaging external consultants as required – speech consultants, psychologists, social welfare personnel, etc.





  • At the commencement of each school year, all students and parents will receive a copy of the Code of Conduct for reference and a sign off parent and student conduct form.
  • At the commencement of each school year, teachers will establish a set of classroom rules for their own classes that are consistent with the school rules
  • School and class rules will be displayed prominently around the school
  • A set of consequences will be used to implement a consistent approach to those who choose to disobey class or school rules.
  • Bullying is seen as a serious breach of the Student Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated in any form
  • Students will be made aware of the provisions of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 which makes it unlawful for students to vilify others on the grounds of race or religion

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